Samples of Work

Feature Film (writer and director)

Poster of a Girl

When international rock star Amy takes groupie Thomas to her hotel room, instead of sex she connects with a young, sexually confused man and this mismatched friendship may save both of them.

Photobook (writer)


Kodansha, Japan’s largest publishing company, released a book I worked on with them called ニャングリッシュ, which is pronounced nyangalish and is a combination of the sound a cat makes in Japanese and the word English.  The idea behind the photo book was to combine uplifting images with interesting English dialogue.

Short Story (writer)


Dissections: The Journal of Contemporary Horror selected my short-story Absence to appear in their 10th edition. Dissections is a peer-review online journal edited by Gina Wisker and Michelle Bernard and counts three times Bram Stoker award winner Michael A. Arnzen among its editorial board. Absence is an urban horror set in the back streets of Tokyo.

Academic journal article (writer)

Creating Course Introduction Videos in L1: When Comprehension Is More Important Than L2 Acquisition

An academic journal article, published in the CELE Journal Vol.26,  where I share strategies for writing scripts, shooting and editing a video guide for students in their L1 language. Based on an analysis of a student survey, I reflect on the effectiveness of the videos.

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