Poster of a Girl
(Feature Film)


Beyond the neon lights of Tokyo, international-rock star, Amy, takes groupie, Thomas, to her hotel room, but instead of sex she connects with a young, sexually confused fan who discovers what Amy really had planned that evening.

Poster of a Girl is an exploration of the damage fame can do at an early age. In Amy Williams, we have a rock star, who has never grown up, struggling to deal with adult problems. Over the course of one evening, we watch as her mask of fame slips away in front of a fan who loves her in a way she feels too broken to accept.

An Honest Witness
(Short Film)


A short film about a world riddled with a deadly virus and dangerous misinformation: Dr. Boulanger must convince an internet personality to take a vaccine on camera and save the lives of her followers.

Bien Bespoke (advert)


Shot on the streets of Vietnam, this advert was designed the have a classic 90s look reminiscent of ads like Dune by DIOR mixed with a documentary hand-held style.

Johnny Two-Face
(Music Video)

Camera operator (Tokyo)

Worked remotely with producer Jaakko Lehtinen and DP Esa Jussila to shoot a music video for metal band Leaflet. I shoot all the scenes on the streets of Tokyo with lead singer Christian Pulkkinen.

BreakFree (interviews)


A series of interviews and seminars, hosted by Mete Yazici and Qyoko Kudo, focused on helping people in Japan change careers.

How We Fly (Music Video)


A music video for Lani Labo’s single How We Fly.

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